The Fine Art Photography of Davin Lavikka | The Great Yoga Project

The Great Yoga Project is a 7 year project that is being turned into a book.

This is an exploration of Yoga as a contemporary practice. Yoga is an ancient form of meditation, but our contemporary culture has transformed it into a competitive, commercialized institution. By taking yoga out of the studio and photographing models in urban environments and non-workout clothing, this disconnect is humorously highlighted.

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VasisthasanaVasisthasana IIVamadevasana IUtthita TrikonasanaUtthita ParsvakonasanaUtthita Hasta PadangusthasanaUtthita Hasta Padangusthasana IIIUtthita Hasta Padangusthasana IIUttana Padasana IIUstrasanaUstrasana IIUrdhva Upavistha KonasanaUrdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana IUrdhva Dhanurasana and DhanurasanaUrdhva Dhanurasana and Adho Mukha SvanasanaUrdhva DhanurasanaUrdhva Dandasana in Adho Mukha VrksasanaUrdhva DandasanaUpavistha Konasana IIPavanmuktasana