The Photographer Who Shoots and Scans Artwork For Artists

Davin Lavikka has been photographing paintings and sculpture for artists for 20+ years and photographs any medium of artwork for artists to use in portfolios, websites, advertisements and for fine art print reproduction applications (such as giclees). Davin has developed unusual techniques and specialized lighting to remove glare and shoot through glass so it's possible to get the exact look you want and with the resolution to reproduce images at the largest sizes possible. 

He offers professionally shot and edited photos at affordable pricing. Call or text Davin to schedule an appointment! 602-326-9622

Located at Stapely and Southern in Mesa just off the 60. 

Price List for Photographing Artwork:

Includes high resolution TIFFs (sRGB), high resolution JPGs (sRGB), and a web JPGs (sRGB).

  • 1 artwork
$35 Per Image
  • 2-8 artworks

$25 per image

  • 9-14 artworks

$22 per image

  • 15 or more artworks

$20 per image

Pro Res Raw Output This is the preferred output for artwork with really vivid colors or with heavy cyans and blues or where extreme resolution is needed up to 240mp. DNG raw file with Pro-Res color profile included along with tiff and jpgs.  

$60 per image
Sculpture Sculptures that can be brought into the studio require a little more setup time and need backdrops You can choose white, black or grey, Sculptures are the same price as paintings but there is a 6 shot minimum.
Offsite Photography of Artwork Occasionally I get requests for shooting artwork offsite. While shooting in the studio is more preferred i can go offsite to shoot installed work or visit the artists studio. The fee for this is the same as in studio but with a traveling charge (20 Miles) or $150 minimum. A $60 travel charge will be added for studio visits outside of 20 miles. This is quoted on a case by case basis. 


Need a high speed USB drive? No problem. Due to extremely large file sizes USB drives are the prefered form of delivery and he offers them at affordable prices:

  • 32 gb- $10         64gb - $15

Images can be given on a usb drive (either purchased or brought in), uploaded to the site in a private gallery for customer download (galleries expire after 30 days and JPG only).

All images are color calibrated in Adobe1998 and output as sRGB (tiffs) sRGB (jpgs) output on color calibrated IPS monitors.

*Please note, for work requiring more than normal amount of post-processing (heavily varnished works, iridescent, special customer requests etc.) may result in slightly higher charges.

Photography Rights - These rights of image ownership are fully released to the artist. This is an accurate representation of the artist's artwork meaning the work is in digitized form. The artist can use the images of their in any form to fullest extent.