The Great Yoga Project is a 7 year project that is being turned into a book.

This is an exploration of Yoga as a contemporary practice. Yoga is an ancient form of meditation, but our contemporary culture has transformed it into a competitive, commercialized institution. By taking yoga out of the studio and photographing models in urban environments and non-workout clothing, this disconnect is humorously highlighted.

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Virabhadrasana IVirabhadrasana IIIVisvamitrasanaVrksasanaYoganidrasanaVasisthasanaTolasana VariationDhanurasanaViparita Karani MudraAdho Mukha SvanasanaAdho Mukha VrksasanaAkarna DhanurasanaArdha Baddha PadmottanasanaVirabhadrasana VariationDwi Pada Koundinyasana VariationDwi Pada Koundinyasana VariationAstavakrasana PrepBaddha Konasana in Niralamba SirsasanaBaddha Konasana in Sirasana 1Ardha Baddha Padma Padangusthasana